Hey guys & girls, it has been silent for a little while from my side but that doesn’t mean i’m not working hard on the game 😉

I’m currently on a trip in Berlin with my girlfriend. The city is a great place to find new inspiration and exciting stories. Taking a little break from wandering the city, i thought it’s the perfect moment for a little write-up: after releasing the alpha demo i got positive reactions and great feedback, which I’m very excited about! The reactions were motivating and the constructive feedback very valuable!

I’m implementing these improvements, fixes and balance changes now. I also added a bunch of new things to this demo! (Find the full list below!) But most importantly, I think i’ve almost fully fixed the main issue with the Alpha demo: the lag spikes. The person who helps me coding gave some great feedback (Thanks Minai!) and I also found multiple ways to increase FPS and decrease lag spikes a lot! It should be a very noticeable improvement on almost every computer!

Also, I’ve been testing the demo on tv as you can see (on the picture) and compatibility with Steam Deck: the games runs very smooth. There’s only a small issue with one menu. So I can confidently say the game will work for Steam Deck!

I’ve been silent for a bit because of day-to-day stuff in my life. First the company I work for during daytime moved places, then I injured my foot which obliged me to take some rest, but just then my girlfriend and I had the chance to buy the perfect home for us.

It’s a very exciting time, but in Belgium it takes a lot of time and paperwork to make everything official. Being barely able to walk didn’t help either to visit banks, real estate agents and notaries ^^’

Aaaanyway, most of that stuff has been taken care of and my foot is pretty much healed so i can make time again to not only work on Eniko but also post updates and share new stuff on social media!

PS, here’s a list of improvements I have included for Alpha Demo V1.2 so far, as you can see it’s pretty extensive:


More dialogue fixes

More passing error fixes

Improved chests animations & sound effects

Improved Shrines animations & sound effects

Removed all mentions of levels as classic character levelling is not used in the game

You can now skip the intro credits

Removed unnecessary help and guiding dialogues to provide a faster and smoother experience (“Show don’t tell”)

Licences are no longer equipped in a separate menu but are now an extra equipment slot

Unified the colours for HP, EP, Increases stat, Decreased stat etc.

Andal has his own face graphic in the HUD during the introduction battle


Removed unnecessary console log files that negatively impacted performance

Implemented YEP Event Hitbox Resize to drastically reduce the amount of events on big maps, increasing performance significantly

Splitted the biggest maps in half, increasing performance significantly

Removed the autosave feature as it caused too much lag

Removed unused plugins

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with the Battle BGM not playing and stopping properly at the right moments

Fixed a bug where only the first attack in a combo has a SE

Fixed a “Maximum call stack” issue when leaving Belrynna Main Street

Fixed a bug in Bartel’s sidequest that causes the game to be stuck in a loop


The skill you have equipped is now directly tied to the weapon you use, each weapon has one skill

Bows have a durability statistic and will break after a certain number of uses (you can craft new bows and arrows yourself)

All items will now be placed in the correct item sub categories in the Supplies menu

Rebalanced some loot drops

Added a couple recipe drops


Extended the total amount of Armors to 24

Armors, Helmets and Shields can now also be upgraded (up to level 4)

All craftable items added to the database

All recipes for craftable items added to the database

Shops and merchants now have correct inventories, some have limited amount of items

You can now buy recipes from the Alchemist shop

All Procurement upgrades added to the database

Licences menu in main menu replaced with Crafting menu