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Discover the latest screenshots taken from Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace here. You can also find banners, character art, logo’s trailers and press releases here. We will update this section regularly. If you are a journalist, blogger etc. You are free to use these images after sending a notice to

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace is being developed by Halcyan Studio based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace is a unique retro action rpg that combines the best of 90’s and modern action RPG’s. Venture out in the surrounding woodlands, plains, mountains and caves to battle monsters and collect ingredients to increase your weapons, armor and stats. Will Livia be able to climb the ranks and become a champion of the Arena? After a faithful encounter, everything she believes in will be put to the test.

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Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack is composed by Nickolas Wolfe.

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