Alpha Demo no longer available for download + Game update

A small update to let everyone know that the Alpha Demo is no longer available for download. It has served it’s purpose: to gather feedback and technical issues from players. Now, the game is progressing so well, that i don’t feel like the Alpha Demo is still a good representation for the game anymore. Everyone’s feedback has been so helpful and I’m super stoked to show the results of implementing it in the game in the next “Story demo” (yup, the word Alpha is gone!).

I have implemented a lot of fixes and i’m finally implementing things I had in my mind for a long time such as interactive states, an updated Teachings system, a fast travel system… I finished all items and they are all working in the action battle system as intended, and now i am also building all the skills, for both Livia and enemies.

The last thing I am further improving is fps and stability. Everyone who works with both MV3D and Chronoengine in RPG Maker MV knows this is an issue. So far I have made good improvements thanks to my ancient Windows laptop that i use for testing. Areas that had only 10 fps before will now hover around 30 fps, with an occasional dip to 20 fps. Better, but not good enough. The base issue is: the bigger the map and the more events, the more lag.

I’ve been thinking on ways to improve this without harming the gameplay, or ideally find a way that improves both. While my girlfriend was playing The Cult Of The Lamb, i had an idea on how this could be done: the dungeons, forests and fields (basically any place that has enemies to fight) could be built up in rooms, like many roguelites such as Hades or Cult Of The Lamb do. This will make each map small and compact and gives an opportunity to make the game more unique and drastically improve FPS again.

I’m working now on introducing this new set-up to the game and it will be present in the “Story Demo” I will release next. This demo will be much closer to what the final product will be and will also be used to support the Kickstarter campaign. These are my main goals for the next months!

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