Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace Alpha Demo is Officially LIVE on Itch.io!What is your opinion on the Alpha Demo? I’d love to hear your opinion on social media and Discord!What began as a personal lockdown-project has grown into a indie game project that I’m working on with heart and soul and the help of very talented, coders, musicians and artists. Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace is a game i started building for myself, but it could never have become the indie game it is now without the help, support and feedback from you: the player.

Now it is time for the game to take the next step and become a publicly available and playable product. I’m looking forward to your experiences and feedback! I hope I can provide to you a slice of that unique 90’s rpg gaming experience mixed with fresh elements and a gripping world and story.

In this demo version, the emphasis lies on exploring Belrynna and the Woodlands Of Yarle. You can find hidden areas and piece together the world’s lore while completing sidequests. Complete three (major or minor) sidequests and you’ll be allowed to fight the Behemoth in the Arena, the final boss in this demo!

The Itch.io version is V1.1 that includes a myriad of bug fixes and improvements already: 

(The Steam version will soon be updated to V1.1 as well)


  • Removed various spelling errors
  • Fixed multiple clipping and passing errors
  • Fixed multiple events that could be jumped through
  • No more jumping on people’s heads in Doriosz Crypt!
  • Narrowed the boundaries of the introduction battle
  • Shrunk some of the largest maps where possible to further increase FPS on these maps
  • Changed upgraded weapons and armors names
  • Extended the total amount of Swords to 41, each with a unique skill
  • Removed access to the current Teachings system – this will be replaced by a better fitting and more stable system in the next versions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that stopped treasure pop-ups from showing
  • Fixed a bug where you could move around during a part of the introduction credits (a skip-function will be added soon too)
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the gamepad controls image showing during configuration
  • Game will no longer close when missing file errors pop-up


  • Changed various smithing-related items names into more recognizable and logical names (Smithing Ingots)
  • Replaced old Smithing item drops with the new Smithing Ingots
  • Changed smithing costs for existing weapons and added smithing costs for all other weapons


  • Weapons can be upgraded 10 levels instead of just 4.
  • Added a unique Skill to each weapon – This system will be further developed in the next versions