As only a handful of friends and fellow indie devs know about this project all-together, the chance that you read this is abysmal. But you’re here and you’re reading! So, that means that at least someone is interested in Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace at this point, which is everything I could hope for! In short, the first version of the website is online and the social media channels have been started up. Damn, even without posting anything yet it’s a lot of work these days for an Indie dev:, GameJolt, Kofi, Facebook, YouTube, … we have to be everywhere! I’ll start posting on them in a couple weeks and then it’ll become clear which ones you prefer to get info from.

Anyway, Over time i’ll update this website with more info and hopefully one day a finished game. In the meanwhile please follow Eniko on of the channels or forums listed at the bottom of the homepage or in the footer of this website! I’ll keep working on the game and think about new subjects for blog posts. What about these? A little background about myself and my history in gaming, rpg maker, and game development, what games have inspired Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace and tutorials on how to get the the most out of the wonderful MV3D plugin by Cutievirus.

As a welcome gift, here is an unreleased screenshot, have a good day everyone out there!