Hey there everyone,

It has been a busy month of January but I’m happy to show off some new things, so it seems like the right time for a new devlog. For myself, I’ve been mainly working on Belrynna. Belrynna is the main city and central hub in Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace, you’ll spend a good deal of time here, exploring the city, visiting the shops, carrying out sidequests, discover hidden areas etc.

Right now I’m trying to make the city as vivid as possible. I want to let the city evolve over the course of the game and make the npc’s live a life there so that throughout the game you feel like you can discover new stories, sidequests , hidden places and items here. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to towns in games, so while the amount will be limited, I want to make sure every town is worth exploring and has it’s stories, secrets and own identity. The last thing I want is copy-paste towns with each the same item shop and weapon shop and Pokémon Gym (oh wait… ^^).

Earlier I built the city itself, now I’m adding people and interiors. Next up is implementing sidequests, hidden areas etc. What games have interesting engaging sidequests in your opinion? Let me know! 🙂

Here are a few screenshots I recently took:

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace - Belrynna

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace - Belrynna

And unfinished part of the game: an archery minigame in the Archer Guild building.
If you can hit enough targets, you’ll get access to better bows:

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace Archer Guild

Kato15s finished the character art for Eniko. The identity for this character shall remain a mystery for now, once the demo is ready I can reveil more! Anyway, I’m very happy with the result:

Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace - Eniko character art

And, I’m also super thrilled to A: announce that the YouTube channel is finally in use and B: I found the perfect composer for the game: Nickolas Wolfe. A seriously talented young composer. I’m proud to present the Main Theme for Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace:

Step by step I’m getting closer to release a tech demo. For the next devlog I might have a release ready for it! Feel free to follow the project at Itch.io if you want to follow the project and play the demo as soon as it’s released: https://halcyan-games.itch.io/eniko

Have a nice weekend everyone!