Hey everyone,

I have been mainly been keeping everyone up to date through social media, but it’s time for another update for Itch.io as well, so here goes. First of all, the progress: I’m completing the inner maps of the main city Belrynna and finishing up a couple sidequests. The city is massive, with lots of hidden areas, sidequests etc. You’ll spend a big chunk of time here so I want it to be worthwile to explore, get to know it’s history etc. When this is done, I’m going to prepare the launch of a first demo, that will concentrate on the city, sidequests and all systems rather than story for now. More info about becoming a betatester and such soon, we’re talking weeks at this point 🙂

Here are the recent screenshots!

Oh,  and I just realised I haven’t shared these awesome tracks by composer Nickolas Wolfe yet, so enjoy these too!