Good news! I have released a first Gameplay video today and started sharing it on social media and all kinds of forums and websites. Looking forward to your comments and feedback!

It feels like we’re entering a new phase in development: almost all content for the demo is ready and now we’re gonna enter a pahse of testing, bug fixing and optimising. I feel like it will be super important to work very structured here, … not my strongest point 🙂 First I’ll fix as most as I can myself, then I need to get a coder involved for the stuff I can’t fix myself and then it’s time for the beta testers to try out the demo and test every nook and cranny.

Some people have asked to be part of the beta testing team already so that makes me super happy! Do you want to part of the beta too? You can mail me at or contact me on social media and i’ll add you to the list! Soon I’ll get a form up to finalise registrations and a Discord will be set up during testing.

Anything else? Well, when the demo is ready and tested it’s time to show it to a bigger audience so it’ll be important to share it far and wide and put some marketing behind it. So soon i’ll start putting the game on more platforms like Steam, Gog, Gamejolt, dev forums etc. Exciting times ahead! I also have an idea for a trailer in my head, all I have to do now is make it. Easy right? 🙂